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New Wave of PSYCH ROCK

Thrift formed in 2015 in frontman Matt Bagshaw’s (Vocals, Guitar) bedroom alongside his best friend Tylor Boustead (Vocals, Bass). At first the two were just creating music for
the fun of it, soundtracking their summers with their own breed of indie and pop-punk, but that soon started to evolve as additional members Devon Whiteman (Keys/Synths), Lucca Silva (Drums) and Richard Plested (Guitar, Vocals) were brought in and their constant bouncing of ideas lead to experimentation, pushing them to explore their psychedelia influences. 2017’s Red Tinted Clouds found the band venturing into these new territories and how their surroundings started to influence the soundscape more but the band’s latest release, ⅗ , demonstrates a group who are leading the charge in a new breed of bands breaking down any rigidity or indie clichés and crafting an untethered sound.
Not afraid to pool all of their influences across genres leads to Thrift ’s unique catalogue, it’s a refreshing concoction of Tame Impala navigating their Pink Floyd influences further with the raw, spirited, coastal influence of The Maccabees Colour It In -era. Thrift ’s modus operandi is progression and exploration, furthering their songwriting even more, but they also have a full length release in their sights and further touring, which is where they really come alive. Thrift has been making waves on the south-east music scene for the past couple of years, honing their sound and crafting something truly special. With a desire to constantly create and perfect their musical identity without fear of
constraints, they’re now seeing those waves break down the walls and sprawl into the bigger arena.

The Band
Thrift Logo Words.png


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