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The Cuckoos

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The Cuckoos were formed in 2014 in Austin, TX. The band consists of Kenneth Frost (Vocals,Keyboards,) Dave North (Guitar,) Eric Ross (Bass) and Cole Koenning (Drums). Listeners have praised the band's uncanny ability to bring back the sounds of psychedelic rock from the 1960s in their original songs, an especially impressive feat because of their ages. Yet the band has started to explore elements of electronics, funk, jazz, and blues to create a totally nostalgic and retro vibe, while still sounding incredibly fresh and new.

Imagine The Doors, Joy Division, and Rick James writing songs with Tame Impala you begin to get the picture, but be aware, The Cuckoos are carving their own path, hungry to become more than the sum total of the music that has inspired them and to diligently add new elements that will inspire others. Art, after all, should be communal

The Band


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