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The Band

Splink play music from the heart. Music to take you on a journey, tripping emotive switches along the way.

Influences come from a wide range of genres, World Music, Progressive Rock, Jazz fusion, Chill-out & Soul, overlaid with a sprinkling of middle eastern, Celtic & Blues influences. Then all of this is tied together with musicianship … it’s a melting pot for the senses and not easy to define, you just need to experience Splink and you’ll know what it’s about. Splink live is where you capture the full feel of the band as they work hard to create a loose, jammed feel to the music, meaning every Splink gig is fresh and different, keeping the music and the gig vibrant and alive.

Splink's debut album, FREE, was released 27th October 2017 on Roulette and a follow up album is set for release in 2018

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