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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Single Release

01 05 2020

Sundance Cover Artwork.png


Spidervayne are a 4 piece Grunge/Metal influenced band hailing from the dark undergo of Essex. Consisting of 4 accomplished musicians, Danny 'Murf' Murphy (Lead Vocals, Guitar) Kevin '7' Smy (Bass) Sam 'Animal' Varley (Drums) and Mitchell 'Faz' Farrington (Lead Guitar). The band started their journey together in late 2017 purely through their love and passion for music as an entity. The band have been completely driven from the outset and this has seen them explode onto the scene like a nuclear bomb, leaving very little space for their original blend of 'Grunge Metal' to fall on deaf ears. Spidervayne are now 18 months into their musical journey together and they have already self released 3 substantial singles, each being received globally to much critical acclaim. With further releases planned, its plain to see that the future of music will be seeing alot from this band.


Current single 'SpiderBrain'.

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