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Released 25 OCT 19

Bristol/South Wales based Sons of Liberty, came together in 2014 through their love of Southern Rock.  The band comprise of the impeccable vocals of Rob Cooksley (ex Mike Underwood’s Glory Road), guitar duo Fred Hale and Andy Muse and the driving rhythm section Steve Byrne, drums and Mark Thomas, bass guitar. The band self released two Eps in 2018.  Their debut EP, Shinola followed by Aged in Oak in September 2018 were playlisted by major rock radio stations and with positive reviews across rock media, including NWOCR,  the bands profile grew massively.  Sons of Liberty soon became a sought after band at festivals and venues throughout the UK where they never disappointed an audience.   The release of their album, Animism, is the next chapter in the Sons of Liberty story and one that will surely see this band go to the next level

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