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Introducing....... THUNDERSTICK

Playing first with Iron Maiden then Samson before launching his own band, Barry Graham Purkis (AKA Thunderstick) has an impeccable rock pedigree going back to the late 70s. Feeling that most drummers were overlooked in bands, Barry decided to create the true `faceless` drummer. Thunderstick was born. Playing from inside a cage which he would eventually break out of and terrorize audiences or pouring copious amounts of alcohol over himself during performances, the masked Thunderstick became a defining image for the newly emerging NWOBHM, appearing on the front cover of the music paper ‘Sounds’. On the lookout for a new vocalist he and Paul Samson came across an unknown singer playing a pub gig and asked if he would be interested in joining the band. The singer? Bruce Dickinson. With Dickinson, Samson enjoyed chart success in the 80’s but Barry eventually left to form his own band 'Thunderstick' a theatrical rock band. Thunderstick, the band, continued until 1986 when they disbanded after having had a successful few years.

Now back with a new line up 'Barry is ready to write the next musical chapter in the story of THUNDERSTICK

In June 2005 Classic Rock magazine listed Thunderstick in their ‘50 Greatest Drummers in Rock’ feature.

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