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Nick Judd

Nick Judd Keyboard player and session musician, started out playing with a variety of rhythm & blues/soul/rock and fusion bands: first big city band is Mirrors, with Boz Burrell (who moved on to Bad Company), Jack Mills (Brian Auger) and Terry Stannard (Kokomo). Then came a succession of bands including B B Blunder (with Brian Godding), the Alan Bown Set and Juicy Lucy (with Paul Williams, Micky Moody and Chris Stewart).  After a guest appearance on TOTP with Audience (with Howard Werth and Tony Connor (Hot Chocolate)) Nick became a permanent member of the band, touring and recording their album Lunch (produced by Gus Dudgeon).

Nick then met Sharks (Steve Parsons, Chris Spedding, Andy Fraser, Marty Simon) and was invited to join the band following Fraser’s departure, touring extensively in the UK and U.S.A. (with Mountain), and recording the album Jab it in Your Eye (with bassist Busta Cherry Jones).

Following this, Nick began an association with Frankie Miller; the Miller/Fraser Band emerged (briefly), with Andy Fraser, Henry McCullough and Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth) completing the line-up…next, Nick teamed up with the late Andy Fraser and Kim Turner to form the Andy Fraser Band, touring and recording the album Andy Fraser Band. Following Andy’s move to the U.S., Nick was drafted into the Frankie Miller Band for UK-wide and European tours.

More recently, Nick has guested with a couple of Madness spin-offs – Crunch (with Lee Thompson and Chris Foreman) and the Camden Cowboys (Thompson, Mark Bedford, Dan Woodgate), and has worked with, among others, Steve Rodgers and Will Johns

Nicks debut single, Nightfall, was released 7th April 2017 on Roulette and alongside this personal project, Sharks recorded a new album which was listed in the 'Top 15 Albums' to buy by Classic Rock magazine.  

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