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EP Release

01 05 2020

Includes the radio single 'Dont Ask The Question

After leaving school in the early 70s, two young men, David Smith and Steve Harris, who shared a love of all things rock, decided to form a band.  That band was 'Gypsy's Kiss'. The band rehearsed rigorously and David began writing the suberb songs that GK fans still love today.  The band gigged around London but eventually came to an end in 1975 after which Steve Harris famously moved on to join Iron Maiden.

David had been asked many times to re-form Gypsy's Kiss but resisted until 2018. GK played what was supposed to be a one off charity performance but the response was overwhelming so eventually a full blown re-boot was underway.  In 2019 this much loved 'new-old' band was reborn.

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